Men's Spring Wardrobe Updates: 7 Style Essentials for Guys This Spring

Look your best with a few key purchases

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 26 2020

Updating your wardrobe for a new season doesn’t need to be a dramatic—or expensive—affair. Save the all-day shopping sprees for your next movie montage moment (or when you’re moving somewhere with a totally new climate, or starting a job with a dress code drastically different from your current gig).

Think of these style glow up’s like the toppings on a salad. With just a few changes, you get a totally different meal. One day? Sun-dried tomatoes and feta! The next? Goat cheese and cranberries. Mmm…okay, this might not be the right metaphor, but it’s definitely time for lunch.

Below, the seven men’s spring wardrobe updates you need in 2019:

1. “Fun” short-sleeve button-up shirt

Why it’s essential: Everyone at SG HQ loves a man in a short-sleeve button-up. Thankfully, spring is the perfect time to find a never-ending assortment in different colors, prints, and patterns.

What to look for: A short-sleeve button-up should be easy to move around in and super-low maintenance. This Todd Snyder style in linen not only looks cool, it’s also crazy-easy to care for.

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2. Streamlined sneakers

Why they’re essential: This season, we’re all about a simple white sneaker. The more worn-in the better. Think, “Oh these old things? I’ve been wearing them sailing on the Cape since forever.” 

What to look for: Canvas, lace-ups, done.

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3. Striped shirt

Why it’s essential: Every guy this spring needs a quality striped tee (long and short-sleeved, preferably) in a stylish slim fit. Since you probably have a white version covered, why not opt for something a little more “Look at me” this spring?

What to look for: When you’re wearing a louder color, like the red stripes in this Armor Lux Breton stripe tee, skip any other bells and whistles in favor of a simple crewneck design. Dress yours up under an unstructured blazer, or down with jeans and sneakers.

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4. Anything tie-dye

Why it’s essential: Tie-dye might be the unsung hero of a guy’s springtime wardrobe. It’s fun and fresh and looks cool no matter how you wear it. Think of it as a trend that might not stick around, but you might as well ride it while you can.

What to look for: Tie-dye looks best a little broken in, so t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even sweat shorts are great candidates for trying this trend. But don’t sleep on upgrading your tie-dye with a sweater you can dress up for date night.

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5. Cropped trousers

Why it’s essential: This spring, ladies want to see some skin…we’re talking about your ankles, of course. The clean, ankle-length silhouette on these wool-like trousers pairs well with sneakers, leather dress shoes…even sandals (if you dare).

What to look for: A low-maintenance material with the premium feel of wool, for pants that look dressy but will get way more wear in your wardrobe thanks to a coveted machine-washable status.

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6. Western-inspired Chambray shirt

Why they’re essential: Like the contents of your medicine cabinet, it’s a good idea to do a full sweep of your workwear wardrobe at least every few seasons. Especially casual shirts. Not sure what to toss? Target those shirts with fraying collars, yellow armpits, and bodies that billow (or are too tight). Sorry, but they gotta go.

What to look for: YThis spring, our team is crazy about a chambray shirt in a really washed-out fade. We’re calling them Western-inspired, which hopefully makes you not-too-scared that you’ll look like you’re wearing a rodeo costume when wearing one. 

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7. Linen suit

Why it’s essential: Yep, this is your year. You’ve got your navy and grey suits out of the way, so it’s time to have some fun. 

What to look for: The most comfortable linen comes with a pre-washed feel for a truly luxe linen-wearing experience.

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Feeling overwhelmed? SG can help

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