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Should You Get a Bidet? (Spoiler: Yes)

Should You Get a Bidet? (Spoiler: Yes)
Prepare to upgrade your bathroom routine

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 6 2022 | 3 min read

bidet attachment in bathroom

A few weeks ago, Team SG published a roundup of men’s home essentials. And I’ve gotta say, I did not expect the wave of enthusiasm that ensued for must-have #4…a bidet.

Turns out, the Style Girlfriend community is all-in on this discreet bathroom addition.

So many of you shared with us on Instagram and even email how owning a bidet (or more specifically, a bidet attachment..but we’ll get to that later) has helped you feel your best each day that I knew we had to follow up on this trend.

This isn’t sponsored (the home essentials one was, though!). We just thought it was important to provide more details for the uninitiated. So, if you’re curious and find yourself in the market for a bathroom routine upgrade, you’ll be armed with all the relevant info.

And pssst, if you scroll to the end, you’ll find a discount just for SG readers!

Below, check out the SG primer to bidets for men:

What is a bidet?

If you’d asked me a year ago about bidets, I would have…well, I’d have wondered who this stranger is, asking me about bidets.

Then I would have said, “Sure, I know about bidets. They’re what screenwriters use in TV and movies for a scene that communicates the dumb American’s ignorance of European hotel bathrooms through physical comedy.”

More precisely, a bidet shoots a high pressure stream of water at your rear, effectively cleaning your butt on the toilet without having to use so much toilet paper.

In 2021, though? It’s all about the bidet attachment.

Rather than a totally separate bathroom fixture, a bidet attachment connects to your existing toilet, packing a real 2-in-1-for-#2 punch.

tushy bidet attachment

How much does a bidet cost?

Replacing your regular toilet with a bidet toilet in your bathroom, or adding a separate bidet fixture, will set you back a pretty penny. A bidet attachment, however, starts at around $30 for a basic model.

Depending on how fancy you want to get, you could end up spending $2-300.

How to install a bidet attachment

Installing a bidet attachment is super simple (think: less than ten minutes-simple) and requires no futzing with electricity or plumbing.

After unscrewing your toilet seat, place the bidet attachment on the toilet, connect to the water, and boom. You’re good to go (lol).

How to use a bidet attachment

Just aim the nozzle at…well, you know.

Wait, and then pat dry, using way less toilet paper than you otherwise would.

Satisfied SG bidet users say:

“Besides the obvious hygienic benefits, I also like that using my bidet is a green choice. We use less toilet paper and no wet wipes, which don’t easily break down when flushed.”

“It turns out that heated water expertly sprayed into your butthole is a wonderful. It does cut down on wiping, but I’d be lying to say that we see a primary benefit as green. It is a luxurious way to clean after pooping and I will leave another part of the house to poop in the bathroom with our bidet.”

“I got one for Christmas from my girlfriend and I love it. For anyone wondering if they should take the plunge (sorry), I say go for it.”

“My brother swears by his. Pretty sure he’s left my place to go home just so he can use it.”


We worked with Tushy and can recommend their “Classic” bidet attachment ($99) and the slightly fancier “Spa 3.0” version ($119), which hooks up to your sink’s hot water connection, allowing you to change the temperature.

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