Outfit of the Week: April 5, 2013

Outfit of the Week: April 5, 2013

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Oct 17 2016 | 2 min read

Give it up for Andrew, this week’s #OOTW winner!

Consider yourself the newest owner of a month subscription to FreshNeck, Andrew!


“Who says you can’t wear workwear on Easter?” was Andrew’s title for his look.

Gabi’s Take

Andrew really nailed it with these jeans; they look like they were made for him. I also love the cuff at the bottom that really shows off his shoes. Finally, that jacket is perfect. I want it for myself.

Megan’s Take

Here’s the thing: with a slim frame like Andrew’s, I can’t imagine that all the elements of his OOTW went directly from off the rack to on his body. It’s rare that any guys are able to just hit the mall, buy all the pieces of an outfit and have them fit perfectly right then and there. I’m guessing at least one or two items were tailored. Maybe the jeans were shortened an inch or two (yes, you can have your jeans shortened and still want to keep enough length for a cuff), or perhaps the shirt peeking out from under the sweater was taken in on the sides. I’d love to hear from Andrew about the details of his look, and what, if anything, he had done.

Tell Us:

What’s your favorite part of Andrew’s look?

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