Outfit(s) of the Day: An Indoor or Outdoor Concert

Outfit(s) of the Day: An Indoor or Outdoor Concert

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

As an infrequent concert goer (the music, it’s so loud! and the people, they are so shove-y!), I used to always stress out when it came time to decide what to wear. I figured some of you guys must have the same issue, so now that I’ve nailed my concert outfit strategy, I wanted to share my secrets.

I rustled up two different looks, one for an outdoor show and one if you’ll be enjoying your music inside.


Shoes: Vans, $65
Jeans: Asos, $69
T-shirt: Topo Ranch, $39
Flannel: Woolrich, $72

The outdoor outfit has to be durable, since “Weather permitting” really means “Be prepared for a downpour and possibly a typhoon/hurricane. I went to Vampire Weekend a few summers ago in Central Park and before they could even bring their preppy pop to the stage, a monsoon hit NYC. Needless to say, everything I was wearing that day got ruined, including my very first ever pair of low-top Chuck Taylors, the color of which went from the perfect shade of beat-up off-white to black as night. Total bummer.


Shoes: 1901, $100
Pants: Gap, $60
T-shirt: URT, $26
Cardigan: Obey, $62

Depending on the venue for your indoor concert, you can dress in a range of nicer to a lot nicer. I’d say anyone getting psyched about heading to the opera or the symphony is probbbbbbably fine (cough*you own lots of fancy suits because you are rich*cough), so this indoor concert outfit is for more the ‘basketball arena’ or ‘music hall’ kind of venue. And the good news, your sneakers are safe from rain. They’re not safe, however, from the wayward feet of other concertgoers, so watch your toes.

The rules for any concert where you’re going to be smashing into people at least a little: 1) assume everything you wear might be ruined, but 2) try to look good when the lights come up at the end of the last encore.

For outdoor, obviously the weather, as we’ve learned from my sneakers (RIP sneakers) is a factor. Easy to clean, water proof shoes are better for a lawn setting, and a flannel will keep you warm as it cools down into the night.

My final piece of advice applies to both indoor and outdoor shows. And that is: WEAR A BRIGHT TOP.

At the risk of sounding like a mom who took her kid to the mall because she couldn’t find a babysitter and is trying to scare him out of wandering off to find the Orange Julius, it is very easy to get separated from your party in a big, busy setting like this. If you’re dressed like everyone else, your friends may not find you for hours. Your buddy who just wandered off to the bathroom will be grateful when he gets back and picks you out of the crowd right away.

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