SG Outfit of the Week: Friday, Februrary 1!

SG Outfit of the Week: Friday, Februrary 1!

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: May 15 2018 | 2 min read

This week’s killer OOTW (outfit of the week) comes from reader Enrique!


He blew me and Intern Gabi away with those pants that are all, “What? Yeah, I’m wearing green pants. And I LOOK GREAT IN THEM, so what are you going to do about it? Nothing? Yeah, I thought so.”

And what did I tell you guys about smiling? It gets us ladies every time!

Here’s what Enrique had to say about his stylish outfit:

“It’s crazy cold here in Pittsburgh (wind chills below -9) and kinda dreary.  Sometimes when I suffer from winter drabness I just feel like throwing on a pop of color, whether it be a bright shirt, sweater, tie, or in this case, pants.  Also of note, I’m wearing a full layer of long johns under there – I think I managed to not look too bulky {SG: He’s right! I didn’t even notice}.

And here’s what he’s got on:

  • Outerwear – Docker’s navy plaid topcoat.  “I normally don’t pop the collar, but it’s very cold here in Pittsburgh, so it helped a bit.”
  • Scarf – JC Penney’s Stafford line
  • Blazer – Uniqlo.  “This is an unstructured blazer, which I thought would better go with my multiple layers.  This felt much less rigid.”
  • Dress shirt – Alfani
  • Tie – J Ferrar.  “If you look closely you’ll see that there are two black stripes which I use for tie clip placement.”
  • Tie clip – Calvin Klein
  • Belt – Nautica
  • Pants – Express “Photographer” style.  “I love these pants and have them in several colors, though the lighter colors (like the green) tend to hold wrinkles a little longer than the darker shades.  I fidget at my desk and this photo was taken after a full day at the office.”
  • Socks – Mossimo
  • Shoes – Mercanti Fiorentini black leather cap toe double monk straps.  “These have been my go-to’s since early last year.  I just got them back from the cobbler a few days ago.  I needed to get them resoled since I wore straight through them.”

Congrats Enrique, you are a big winner in our book (if not in actually, you know, *winning* anything)!

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