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What to Wear: The Vegas Business Trip

What to Wear: The Vegas Business Trip

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 15 2017 | 1 min read


Ah, the plight of the business traveler. So many frequent flyer miles…so many episodes of Homeland backed up on your DVR.

While I don’t feel all that bad for any guy logging elite status with his airline of choice (I’m suffering from a severe case of wanderlust lately..need to do some traveling of my own soon!), I definitely DO recognize the challenges in packing appropriately for trips that contain elements of work and fun.

Today’s tricky travel we’re tackling? Vegas, baby.

What do you pack for a business trip to Sin City where the day is spent in meetings, the evenings at drinks and dinner with co-workers or clients, and the nights spent dancing on tables?

I checked in with my good friend Hitha of packing service Portavi for a packing primer.

Hitha and her trusty Heys hardcase have logged hundreds of thousands of miles traveling the globe in her role as a pharmaceutical VP. From her travels, the girl’s developed an uncanny talent for packing for any trip in just a carry-on suitcase.

That’s why she started Portavi (in Latin, “to carry”), a consultation service helping travelers pack efficiently and stylishly.

Below, she tackles a whole week in Vegas with professional, stylish outfits for day-long conferences to the hotel bar happy hour to the steakhouse to the strip club.

(All clothes shown available at Bonobos)






Got it? Good!

You can schedule your own Portavi session, for help packing for your next trip. And just for Style Girlfriend readers, Hitha is throwing in a 25% discount when you use the code STYLEGF.

Tell me…

What’s the hardest part for you when packing for a trip?

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