Relationship & Dating Advice for Guys

Relationship & Dating Advice for Guys
What Women Think When They See Guys Naked
When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!
soft parenting trend
Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to “Soft Parent” You
So don't let her
Seth Rogen with dog Zelda
How to Talk About Having Kids With a Partner
Ready to have "the talk?" No? Then read this.
Date Idea: Go Lingerie Shopping Together
Treat her, and you, to a shopping trip to remember
sober dating tips
Life Featured
Sober Dating Tip: Navigating Early Dates When You Don’t Drink
Whether You’re Sober or Just Sober-Curious
getting dumped
She Broke Up With You. You’re Welcome.
There’s never been a better time to work on yourself
Tiger Woods tampon apology
It Wasn’t An Apology: Tiger and the Tampon
"Calm down, babe. It's just misogyny."
married couple in up
How to Talk About Yourself on a Date
Including what to answer when she asks "So tell me about yourself"
how to behave online
How to Act on Social Media: A Modern Man’s Guide
From Twitter replies to DM slides
how to lose a guy in 10 days knicks
The Before, During, and After of a Great First Date
First date tips for men
Supreme Court
How to Support Women After Roe
Be a better boyfriend, husband, brother, and friend
first date do's and don'ts
A Guy’s Guide To First Date Do’s and Don’ts
The do's and don'ts of making a great first date impression
post-dating friendship guide
The Do’s and Don’ts of Post-Dating Friendship
Why can't (or can) we be friends
10 things I hate about you
Want to Impress A Woman? Do This.
Spoiler: It mostly involves being your (best) self
picking an engagement ring
Engagement Ring Shopping: What to Know Before You Buy
What you need to know to purchase a diamond with confidence
how to get more matches on dating apps
How to Get More Matches on Dating Apps
Reboot your love life
how to explain nfts
How to Explain NFTs to Your Wife or Girlfriend Without Being Obnoxious
Getting into NFTs, Crypto, and Web3? Read this.
first date confidence
5 First Date Confidence Tips
Nail down a mood-boosting routine.
bruce springsteen barack obama legs crossed
Life Featured
Guys, Cross Your Legs
Way better than manspreading.
how to support a partner with endometriosis
How to Support a Partner with Endometriosis
Empathy is essential.
9 to 5 movie
3 Ways you Might be Acting like a Jerk to Women at Work
Check yourself for these “Good Guy” Blind Spots
confidence for men
Guys, Here’s How to Feel and Act More Confident
An SG Investigation.
The Best First Date Questions to Ask
"What’s your sign?” didn't make the cut
How to Be Bold in Your Life
3 easy ways to step your game up—for good.
protest pandemic life lessons
Protest and Pandemic Life Lessons to Learn from 2020
A commencement speech, of sorts