16 Men’s Summer Prints and Patterns That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

16 Men’s Summer Prints and Patterns That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

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old navy face masks

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 4 2023 | 6 min read

16 men's summer prints for 2020

Ready to amp up your wardrobe with a little more visual oomph this summer?

SG’s got you covered.

Below, we did the shopping for you and rounded up a whole bunch of snazzy, non-neutral summer staples to add to your rotation.

Below, shop 16 men’s summer prints, patterns, and stripes for 2020:

1. Old Navy, $13/5-pack

old navy face masks

SG Says: Sure, a face mask inventory full of solid hues is still #SGapproved (the important thing is…wear a f*cking mask, people!), but why not switch things up every so often with a bold patterned version?

This 5-pack from Old Navy comes in a grab bag of colors, prints, and patterns.

2. Mollusk, $44

mollusk tie dye t-shirt

SG Says: A little like wearing a fluffy cloud on your torso.

3. Vans, $60

checkered vans

SG Says: It’s worth saying every summer: checkered Vans will never not be cool.

4. Adidas, $26

adidas seersucker hat

SG Says: A baseball hat in seersucker is as good a way as any to update your wardrobe for summer without changing anything else about your style.

5. Topman, $30

topman abstract camo swim trunks

SG Says: Try pairing bold swim trunks with a white OCBD with a casually cool pool look.

Later, throw a denim jacket over the whole outfit when the sun goes down.

6. Brooks Brothers, $108

brooks brothers milano fit sport shirt

SG Says: Why should your weekend wear get all the fun? A light pink and blue sport shirt would look great on weekday Zoom calls.

Performance shorts on the bottom makes for a real summer 2020 lewk, just a suggestion. You could also dress up a bit (y’know, just for fun) with a cuffed chino and a boat shoe or penny loafer, too.

7. Old Navy, $27

old navy blue surfboard print camp collar shirt

SG Says: A camp collar shirt in navy will make you feel like a lost Rat Pack member on vacation. Don’t mind us while we casually swoon. 

Remember, camp collar shirts are an easy place to save $$$ in your summer wardrobe because you can find fashion-forward options at accessible price points, like the Old Navy style above.

So go ahead to try one this summer in a fun color or bold pattern. Trust.

8. Anderson’s $90

anderson's woven belt

SG Says: More interesting than your critter-covered belt. Less formal than an all-leather style.

9. Armor Lux, $55

armor lux red breton stripe shirt

SG Says: We’ve talked about our love of a man in nautical style and stripes before. Must we repeat ourselves here?

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10. Birkenstock, $110

camo birkenstock sandals

SG Says: Guys, Birkenstocks are cool! Scout’s honor. If you’re feeling like they’re a little too crunchy granola for you, why not try a pair in manly-man camo?!

11. Urban Outfitters, $69

urban outfitters tie dye nasa hoodie sweatshirt

SG Says: Did you really think we were going to let you go without one more tie-dye piece in this summer shopping roundup!?

12. Banks Journal shirt, $65, and shorts, $55

banks journal wilder matching set

SG Says: You’ll never know if you can pull off a leopard print matching set until you try.


13. Quay Australia, $55

QUAY AUSTRALIA QUAYxBenefit Evasive sunglasses

SG Says: Men’s summer prints extends to your accessories, like these Quay Australia tortoiseshell sunglasses.

14. Bombas, $12

bombas pride tie-dye socks

SG Says: These striped socks from Bombas are a fun l’il way to show your support for Pride this year.

Even better? For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter (where socks are the most requested item).

15. Soludos, $45

soludos Espadrilles

SG Says: What, like we weren’t going to include a pair of espadrilles in this shopping roundup? As if!

16. Reyn Spooner, $89

deus ex machina sandbar swim trunks

SG Says: Like love and money, you can never have too many pairs of swim trunks.


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