Style Roundup: 16 Men's Summer Prints

Make a splash with impressive details

The week of prints and patterns continues. If Monday’s 5 Days, 5 Ways on printed shorts convinced you to amp up your wardrobe with a little more visual oomph, we’ve got you covered. Below, we did the shopping for you and rounded up a few snazzy summer staples to add to your rotation.

Below, shop our favorite 16 men’s summer prints:

1. Boardies, $70

SG Says: Sure, a pair of solid-hued swim trunks will always be in style, but why not switch things up every so often with a bold patterned pair?

2. Mollusk, $45

3. Vans, $65

SG Says: If you don’t know by now, we’re very into Vans Old Skools for summer…yes, again this year. This floral print pair keeps things fresh (and yes, great for guys, don’t worry).

4. Stussy, $35

SG Says: Gabi covered why she loves seersucker as a print and pattern in our spring style guide, here.

5. Scotch & Soda, 125

SG Says: We love seeing bold floral shorts with a white OCBD and denim jacket or thrown together with a graphic tee and a bomber.

6. Thome Browne, $190

SG Says: Why should your weekend wear get all the fun?

7. Bonobos, $78

SG Says: A muted short-sleeve floral button-up styled under a khaki suit or paired with salmon chino shorts? Don’t mind me while we casually swoon. Adventurous shirts are an easy place to save in your summer wardrobe because you can find fashion-forward options at accessible price points, so go ahead to try out a bold color or pattern. Trust.

8. Herschel, $60

SG Says: Okay college guys, we can understand why thinking about school starting up again soon isn’t top of mind, but hey, shopping for a new backpack could be worse.

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9. Anderson’s $70 

10. The North Face, $79

SG Says: Trendy outerwear? Check. Out-there print in blues and greens? Double check.

11. Club Monaco, $90

12. Scotch & Soda, $89

 13. Oliver Peoples, $455

14. Levi’s $35

15. Hudson London, $80 

SG Says: What, like we weren’t going to include a pair of espadrilles in this shopping roundup? As if!

16. True Grit, $155

SG Says: Nope, you’re not seeing thingsthat’s Team SG adding an upscale baja hoodie to your summer shopping list. A beach-ready hoodie is about as casual as they come, making it ideal for your weekend warm weather wardrobe.