Style Roundup: Summer Weight Sweaters

Sweaters to go from sweltering days to breezy nights

It may not be fully sweater weather yet (shout out to the 150% humidity yesterday), but there’s still a case to be made for a lightweight sweater on a breezy night or even a day when you want to add a stylish element to your look without overheating. The versatility of a breathable sweater during summer definitely deserves some praise…and a spot in your closet.

Pull on one of these summer weight sweaters:

1. Banana Republic, $50

Wear it Well: Fabric choice will make or break your summer weight sweater. Go for cotton, linen, or super fine merino wool to keep you cool.

2. Brooks Brothers, $298

3. Topman, $40 

Wear it Well: With sweater thinness comes responsibility…to layer the right way. Be cognizant of what you layer under your sweater because it will be much more visible.

4. NN07, $200

5. Rag & Bone, $225

6. J.Crew, $50

Wear it Well: You know SG HQ loves a good stripe for summer. Mix up the nautical style with a pocket and you’ll have yourself the perfect weekend look.

7. Club Monaco, $112

Wear it Well: A loose knit cotton sweater can flirt with the line of being see-through, so be sure to layer underneath.

8. Neil Barret, $495

9. Alex Mill, $195

10. NN07, $120

Wear it Well: Skip the OCBD and reach for a sharp t-shirt or a classic polo for a layered look that’s also functional.

11. Old Navy, $30

12. Saturdays, $165

13. L.L Bean, $50

14. Cos, $89

15. Express, $41


Tell me:

How do you seize sweaters during the summer? Are you all for layers or do you keep it simple?


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