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The Guy's Color Guide: How to Wear Salmon

How to wear this flattering shade

Prime your closet for more color with this series of color guides, breaking down how to wear a bright hue (like how to wear salmon!) with easy color combinations and outfit ideas.

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Salmon: it’s so much more than a compromise sushi roll when you’re out with a group! Salmon is also an awesome color for guys to wear. It falls between pink and orange, and tends to bring out the best in everyone’s skin. Just like the Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, coincidentally!

Who looks good in salmon?

Salmon is one of those colors that works for basically everyone’s skin tone. Just be sure you seek out the right shade in the color family. Guys with more of an olive undertone should veer towards the pink end of the salmon spectrum, while those with fairer skin will want to choose a shade of salmon that’s a little lighter and more orange.

The colors to wear salmon with in your wardrobe

When to wear salmon

You can wear salmon all year round, though you’ll probably find it more often in summer clothes. Think: linen shorts, short-sleeve button-ups, and lightweight cotton sweaters. In colder weather, look for heavier knits like sweaters and oxford shirts in salmon.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also wear salmon-colored pants. Chinos are always a good way to go. You’ll love how they elevate a casual outfit into something more special.

How to wear salmon in the summer

SG Says: See how the salmon-colored button-up looks so nice against the olive/army green shorts? Navy would look great, too.

However, don’t feel like you have to stick to neutral shades. This hue can hold its own against other bright, bold colors. We’re particularly enthusiastic about pairing salmon with teal shorts, an army green jacket, a chambray shirt, or an eggplant purple t-shirt.

How to wear salmon to work


The best salmon-colored accessory

The easiest (and smallest) way to incorporate salmon into your wardrobe? Find a really gorgeous salmon tie, then wear it to the slew of warm weather weddings that are likely on your agenda every year.

Trust us: It’ll be a major hit.

How to wear a salmon-colored shirt

via Articles of Style

SG Says: Man oh man does this shirt pop against that navy sport coat or what? With the chocolate brown shoes and oatmeal-colored twill pants, this look is 100’s all around.

How to wear a salmon-colored sport coat

via Styleoholic

SG Says: We like the brown leather watch, white pocket square, and subtle men’s jewelry that really add up to a full “look” here. The whole thing pops in a handsome, masculine way.

How to wear a salmon suit (yes, really!)

SG Says: Check out plus-size blogger Notoriously Dapper in a double-breasted, salmon-colored suit! Now that is a look. And, for the record, he’s totally pulling it off.

Not quite ready to go for a full DB look in salmon? Try a trouser in the color with a lightweight dress shirt in summer.

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