What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 8 Men’s Outfit Ideas

What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 8 Men’s Outfit Ideas

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 18 2022 | 4 min read

Have I ever told you Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday?

Things changed a few years back when a bout of nasty food poisoning from something I ate earlier in the day hit right after supper and sidelined me for 48 hours straight through the holiday weekend.

I still can’t look at a roasted turkey without gagging.

Despite this newly-developed aversion to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, I still love the whole day. Enjoying time with family, drinking good wine, and watching parades, football, and (finally) listening to Christmas music.

As for what to wear on Thanksgiving? That depends on your plans.

To help you along, Team SG pulled together outfit ideas for gatherings big and small this holiday season.

Below, 8 outfit ideas for what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner:

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Thanksgiving outfit #1

Shades of beige

SG Says: Here at SG HQ, you know we lo-o-o-o-ve a monochrome outfit.

Ben Affleck in his Bennifer 2.0 wardrobe shows how wearing one color (in slightly different shades) from head to toe elevates the simplest outfit into something that feels special.

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The sweater and chinos say, “I get that this is a special day,” while the sneakers and iced coffee add, “…but I will be hitting the couch as soon as I arrive.”

Thanksgiving outfit #2

A DB Blazer and Jeans

SG Says: Not everyone will dress up for Thanksgiving, but if you want to, a classic double-breasted blazer on top could be a perfect (stylish) compromise.

This high-low look hits all the right notes when worn with a crisp t-shirt and penny loafers. The elastic waistband of shoes!

Thanksgiving outfit #3 

A statement shacket with jeans

SG Says: We put the question of dress code out on Instagram and heard from a lot of you that your family Thanksgiving festivities include a middle-of-the-road level of fanciness.

Nobody’s in a tux, but no one’s in sweats, either.

For that type of gathering, jeans make sense when paired with your best shirt jacket.

You’re comfortable in your clothes but still feel like you’re in a “special occasion” outfit.

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Thanksgiving outfit #4

Off-the-clock business casual

SG Says: Astros shortstop Jeremy Peña knows that you can’t go wrong in a nice crewneck, dress pants, and some leather sneakers.

Simple. Sophisticated. Done.

Now, is an outfit like this going to blow anyone’s minds?

Maybe not, but that’s okay. You want folks focusing on how great that turkey-shaped charcuterie board you made is anyway.

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Thanksgiving outfit #5 

Layers on layers

SG Says: A shawl collar cardigan feels fresh when paired under a cool coat like the leather style worn by blogger Brian Chan above.

The rest of the look—beanie, henley, and lace-up boots—I’ll bet you already have at home. Making this an easy outfit to replicate this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving outfit #6

Add an unexpected accessory (or two!)

SG Says: That jauntily-tied silk scarf and cap really take an otherwise standard outfit (jeans, boots, sweater) and elevate it to something special.

Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Just take the hat off before you sit down at the table

Thanksgiving outfit #7

Full sweatsuit

SG Says: Of course, if you’re staying home and celebrating Thanksgiving with just your immediate family, feel free to dress down in coordinating sweats like Giannis.

A sweatshirt and sweatpants combo is just the thing for T’Giving 2022.

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Accessories (like a championship ring) encouraged but not required.

Thanksgiving outfit #8

Fancy pajamas

SG Says: If you’re staying in this Thanksgiving, Kumail Nanjiani’s old-school two-piece pajama set is just the ticket.

Turn on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, pour yourself a mug of something warm, and kick back.

I love how a coordinating set like this looks polished in an old school way. And if you get ’em monogrammed?! All the better!

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