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What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 8 Guys’ Outfit Ideas

What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 8 Guys’ Outfit Ideas
Get ready to strut your stuff
thanksgiving outfits for men 2020

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 24 2020 | 6 min read

thanksgiving outfit ideas for guys, what to wear on thanksgiving

Have I ever told you Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday?

Things changed a few years back when a bout of nasty food poisoning from something I ate earlier in the day hit right after supper and sidelined me for 48 hours straight through the holiday weekend. I still can’t look at a roasted turkey without gagging.

Despite this newly-developed aversion to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, however; I still love the whole day. Enjoying time with family, drinking good wine, and watching parades, football, and (finally) listening to Christmas music.

Of course, this year will be a smaller affair, as we all do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. That doesn’t mean staying in sweats all day, though. Or at least, not just any sweats.

Below, 8 outfit ideas for what to wear on Thanksgiving:

what to wear on Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving outfits for men

Outfit idea #1 tailored tee and trousers

Justin Bieber t-shirt and trousers outfit
via Shuttertock

SG Says: This look is so on-trend right now. Better than that, though, is that it’s perfect for Thanksgiving 2020.

The trousers say, “I get that this is a special day,” while the beanie, t-shirt, and Nikes add, “…which is happening in the middle of a pandemic.”

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Outfit idea #2 Suit and boots

todd snyder style, what to wear on thanksgiving

SG Says: Not everyone will dress up for Thanksgiving, but if you want to, designer Todd Snyder, above, offers some solid outfit inspo.

A cold weather suit hits all the right notes when worn sans tie and with cozy-looking suede Chelsea boots (the elastic waistband of shoes!).

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Outfit idea #3  Cardigan with jeans

Kelvin Davis cardigan outfit

SG Says: We put the question of dress code out on Instagram and heard from a lot of you that your family Thanksgiving festivities include a middle-of-the-road level of fanciness.

Nobody’s in a tux, but no one’s in sweats, either.

For that type of gathering, a cardigan and jeans (like Notoriously Dapper’s Kelvin Davis, above) makes total sense.

You’re comfortable, you’re dressed up, you can wear stretchy jeans to help make room for that second piece of pumpkin pie.

Everyone wins!

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Outfit idea #4 Masked Up

Barack Obama vote mask
via GQ

SG Says: If you’ll be traveling (even just across town!), former president Barack Obama has the right idea.

Wear. A. Mask.

As for the rest of the outfit, it’s classic off-duty dad. Windbreaker-type jacket, a dressed-down dress shirt, and comfortable pants.

Simple. Sophisticated. Done.

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Outfit idea #5  Split up a three-piece suit


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SG Says: We keep our ear to the ground on what kind of style advice guys are looking for here on the ol’ interwebz. And that means we know that plenty of you are curious about how, exactly, to wear a vest without looking like an usher.

The answer? Like this. While it’s hard to find a proper waistcoat like style blogger Brian Chan, above, without buying a full three-piece suit, you can get a similar vibe from a sweater vest. Either way, Thanksgiving could be this lewk’s perfect debut.

Outfit #6 Full sweatsuit

Kevin Love black sweatsuit

SG Says: Of course, if you’re staying home and celebrating Thanksgiving with just your immediate family, feel free to dress down. Wa-a-a-a-y down, like Kevin Love.

A sweater and sweatpants combo is just the thing for T’Giving 2020.

Dog optional, but encouraged.

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Outfit idea #7 Fancy pajamas

Kumail Nanjiani in pajamas
via Kumail Nanjiani

SG Says: I’ll admit it; this is probably the route I’ll go.

After all, Kumail Nanjiani’s old-school two-piece pajama set is due for a comeback! Jimmy Fallon recently teamed up with Alex Mill on what they’re calling “P’Jimmies” (yes, really), meaning this loungewear is officially a trend.

And tbh, I’m not mad at ’em. They’re comfy. They look polished in an old school way, and did I mention…they’re pajamas?!

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Outfit idea #8 Throw a scarf on it

stylish fall outfits for guys
c/o Eric Rodriguez

SG Says: This feels like a great…I don’t want to use the word “compromise” because that sounds negative, but a great middle option of a Thanksgiving outfit.

Another vest, which I love, and that jauntily-tied silk scarf, are really all that take an otherwise standard outfit (jeans, lace-up boots, a button-up shirt) and take it to full-on outfit levels.

clothes hanger

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