What to Wear on Thanksgiving: 8 Guys' Outfit Ideas

Get ready to strut your stuff

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 20 2019

Have I ever told you Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday?

Until a few years back when a bout of nasty food poisoning from something eaten earlier in the day hit right after supper and sidelined me for 48 hours straight through the holiday weekend. Despite my new aversion to turkey, however, I still love the whole day. Nothing to do but enjoy time with family, drink good wine, and watch parades, football, and (finally) listen to Christmas music.

Due to said face-stuffing, comfort is the order of the day. But as we all know by now, feeling comfortable doesn’t have to mean looking sloppy.

When it comes to what to wear on Thanksgiving, go big! This is the on-ramp to holiday party season, and you might as well take out some of your new seasonal duds for a spin.

…And wherever you’re headed, yes, you can pack sweatpants to change into after the meal.

Below, 8 outfit ideas for what to wear on Thanksgiving:

Outfit idea #1 Suit and boots

SG Says: Not everyone dresses up for Thanksgiving, but after seeing this pic of designer Todd Snyder on Instagram, I’m thinking maybe we all should!

The perfect cold weather suit hits all the right notes when worn sans tie and with cozy-looking suede Chelsea boots (the elastic waistband of shoes!).

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Outfit idea #2 Monochromatic vibes

SG Says: Take a page out of SG Madness finalist Hasan Minhaj’s book with this blue-on-blue look (that’ll leave you anything but blue).

And those oh-so-cool dress pants with a stripe down the side? Total ::chef’s kiss::. Like ’em as much as Team SG? Good news! Gabi’s got ideas for more ways to wear a striped trouser here.

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Outfit idea #3  Sportcoat and jeans

SG Says: We put the question of dress code out on our Instagram and heard from a lot of you that your family Thanksgiving festivities include a middle-of-the-road level of fanciness. Nobody’s in a tux, but no one’s in sweats, either.

For that type of occasion, a sportcoat and jeans (like Notoriously Dapper, above) is the absolute perfect outfit. You’re comfortable, you’re dressed up, you can wear stretchy jeans to help make room for that second piece of pumpkin pie. Everyone wins.

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Outfit idea #4 Cornucopia-colored pants

SG Says: Fashion blogger David Thande has the right idea when it comes to cold weather style. A pair of chinos in a festive rust-colored hue and neutrals everywhere else.

Simple. Sophisticated. Done.

Outfit idea #5  Split up a three-piece suit


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SG Says: We keep our ear to the ground on what kind of style advice guys are looking for here on the ol’ interwebz. And that means we know that plenty of you are curious about how, exactly, to wear a vest without looking like an usher.

The answer? Like this. While it’s hard to find a proper waistcoat like style blogger Brian Chan, above, without buying a full three-piece suit, you can get a similar vibe from a sweater vest. Either way, Thanksgiving could be this lewk’s perfect debut.

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Outfit #6 Short sleeves, no socks

SG Says: The last thing any of us want to do is alienate our lovely readers in warmer climates. If Thanksgiving for you means ma-a-a-ybe a light jacket, do as Nick Jonas does and dress up without layering up.

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Outfit idea #7 Throw a scarf on it

SG Says: I just discovered Eric Rodriguez on Instagram recently and am totally obsessed with the 5’3″ beautifully-bearded model. He’s so snazzy and full of style!

Take, for example, this outfit. When you’re trying to figure out what to wear on Thanksgiving this year, this…might be it.

Another vest, which I love, and that jauntily-tied silk scarf, are really all that take an otherwise standard outfit (jeans, lace-up boots, a button-up shirt) and take it to OUTFIT levels.

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Outfit idea #8  A sweater and dress pants

SG Says: Marcel from One Dapper Street knows that a statement coat makes…well, a statement. Choose one fall hue (like merlot or amber) to play up in your outfit, then throw a badass jacket on top.

Outfit, done.

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