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Men's Lifestyle: Men's Home, Career & Dating Advice
apps that make life easier
14 Apps that Make Life Easier (Updated!)
Outsource (nearly) everything, relax, repeat
how to approach a woman in public
How to Approach a Woman in Public
Or: Men are Trash (but So Am I?)
yoga for guys
Workout 101: A Guy’s Guide to Yoga
Part of SG's Workout 101 series
friends opening theme song couch
Should a Woman Take her Husband’s Name?
What's in a (last) name?
heartbreak image
5 Tips: How To Get Over Being Dumped
Tips for When She Says "See ya"
What to Do When You Feel Guilty Spending Money on Yourself?
How to separate yourself from your spending
men's style, style girlfriend, men's style advice
Men’s Style Mission
Statement on a plane
picture of pile of boxes
SG Wants to Know: What Are You Afraid to Ship?
No, we're not talking FedEx
post it note on fridge
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk
What words might be holding you back?
stylish accessories for guys
I Don’t Care About Your Watch (And Why That’s a Good Thing)
Nope, not even a little
how to be more confident with women
How To Be More Confident With Women: Lessons from a “Black Mirror” Bad Guy
On Positive Thinking, Attitude Adjustments, and Clones
martin luther king selma, martin luther king jr selma, martin luther king march
On the Importance of First Impressions
A historical look at why and how appearance matters
how to end a relationship
How to End a Relationship (or Fling) Like a Man
Tips on leaving with class, tact, and even style
homer simpson can't sleep
How to get a Good Night’s Sleep and Have a Better Morning
The Do's and Don'ts for Better Rest
home, home guide, living, lifestyle, men's lifestyle, men's living, men's home, interior, interior design, interior decorating, home decorating, color, colorful, colorful home, rooms
What Your Clothes Say About Your Interior Design Style
Not sure how to decorate? Check your closet first
Letter From the Editor
On Propping up Male Privilege
Can you be complicit in Confidence-Building?
what a woman wants larami serrano, larami serrano photography, men's style, men's fashion, menswear
Larami Serrano on What a Woman Wants
On #relationshipgoals, kid style, and super strengths
James Allen engagement rings, james allen rings
5 Secrets of a Perfect Proposal
Guys, popping the question is all about making it personal
james allen, the ring size, engagement
When It Comes to The Ring, It’s Not The Size of the Diamond That Counts
We’ve got 5 design tips guaranteed to make any engagement ring more impressive
cocktail, drink recipe
What Your Drink Says About You
Drinking Habits of Stylish Men
you've got mail, first impressions, meet cute
5 Things Women First Notice About You
Set yourself up for the best impression
simple solutions, letter from the editor, july
Letter From the Editor
Using Simple Solutions For Tricky Problems
Why the Easy Fix Might be the Best Fix
Nic Screws, Esquire, Jessica Coene, Bonobos, Sandra Nygaard, Men's Health, menswear, men's style, men's fashion, wardrobe essentials, style essentials, what women want, what a woman wants you to wear, female advice, fashion, style, does a woman like your outfit
Does a Woman Like Your Outfit? She May Be Telling You
What to listen for, and how to accept criticism (in style)
tinder, hinge, happn, bumble, the league, dating apps, dating, dating app dive
Dive into Dating Apps
The popular dating apps you need to know
style girlfriend girl talk, megan collins style girlfriend
How to Deal When Stuff isn’t Going Your Way
Why acceptance is better than anger
tips to travel better, travel tips, easier travel, travel hacks, airport style, celeb airport style, men's style, men's airport style, best luggage, best suitcase, travel like a local, eat like a local
On-the-Go Habits of Stylish Men: Tips to Travel Better
Ways to Maximize Your Next Getaway