Taylor Davies, Author at Style Girlfriend - Page 2 of 4

Taylor Davies, Author at Style Girlfriend - Page 2 of 4
10 things I hate about you
Want to Impress A Woman? Do This.
Spoiler: It mostly involves being your (best) self
engagement ring shopping etiquette
Shop Together or Surprise Her: Engagement Ring Shopping Etiquette
There’s no right or wrong, just what's right for you two
4 Healthy Habits to Adopt in 2022
Get acquainted with the best version of yourself
how to get more matches on dating apps
How to Get More Matches on Dating Apps
Reboot your love life
gitman vintage oxford shirt
Guys' Style Guides
SG Hall of Fame: The Best Men’s Tops of 2021
The best of the best in shirts
first date confidence
5 First Date Confidence Tips
Nail down a mood-boosting routine.
small patio outdoor entertaining ideas
The Best Small Patio Decorating and Entertaining Ideas
Transform your space.
How to Be Bold in Your Life
3 easy ways to step your game up—for good.
what to wear on spring break, mens style, spring break, spring break outfit
Travel in Style: What to Wear On Spring Break
Dude. Bruh. You’re better than flip-flops and tank tops
Here’s How to Find an Apartment You Love in NYC
It Doesn't Have To Be The Worst Experience Of Your Life
guys style upgrades
16 Ways Your Life Can Change With a Style Upgrade
Get inspired by these stories from real dudes like you.
things to do in new york city at christmas uniqlo guide
Things to Do in New York at Christmas
…And what to wear for every (festive) stop
unique party theme ideas
How to Host a Successful Theme Party
Costumes are optional but highly encouraged
Get to Know Team SG: Taylor Davies
Team SG's Taylor on What Makes Her Tick
best men's grooming advice from women, rogaine style girlfriend dr michelle henry
Men's Grooming
What Women Really Think Of Your Grooming Habits
Why It’s Cool to (Self) Care
taylor davies
How to Ace Campus Romance 101: 5 College Dating Tips to Know
Good advice for college guys (and beyond, tbh)
pete davidson sleaze style
LISTEN: New Podcast “It’s 2018! Watch a Rom-Com!”
On Sleaze Style, Bad Tweets, and Good Movies
Men's Grooming
8 Tips for Guys to Look Great on a Date
She’ll be impressed and you’ll feel great. Win, win.
The Guy’s Guide to Buying Clothes That Actually Fit Your Body
Every body is unique—why not dress like it?
when you dress better, what to do, taylor's take
Reader Question
What to Do When You Dress Better Than Your Girlfriend?
I tackled a reader’s delicate question (with the help of a couples counselor)
vans, authentic, check, summer date style, summer date
Taylor’s Take: Summer Date Style for Guys (Updated!)
How to steal my heart before you even say, “Hi!”
boston, travel guide
A Style Girlfriend Guide To Boston
How to Have the Best Summer Weekend in Beantown
style girlfriend on a roof
New Podcast: Soccer, The Best Guys’ Shoes for Summer, and Stiegl-ritas
We're not going to call it futbol
photo booth pictures of barb and nancy from stranger things
Listen: New Podcast “Our Old Dads”
On Father's Day gifts and Being a "Nance in New York"
tom collins drink
7 Men’s Style Throwbacks To Bring Back Immediately
From Sidecar cocktails to Game Night, retro-cool ideas for the modern man
style girlfriend polo classic
Undressed Podcast: Late-Night Texts and What to Do When She Never Pays
We've got champagne problems