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Taylor Davies, Author at Style Girlfriend - Page 3 of 4
beatles by the pool
New Podcast: Listener Questions, Answered!
The best men's shopping in NYC and more
royal wedding from above
Morning Suit in the Streets, Tuxedo in the Sheets
(Royal) Wedding Facial Hair and More
john mulaney performing at radio city
Listen to a Fresh New Pod All About Drugs! And Comedy!
Kidding! Kind of...
snl two aholes
New Podcast: “Babe.” “Baby?” “Babe.”
Pet Nicknames, Love Languages, and Baseball Game Dates
lebron james and cavaliers teammates in thom browne suits
Undressed Podcast: Season 2
Welcome to Megan's Shade Corner
smiling man
Men's Grooming
Taylor’s Take: Guys’ Grooming Questions, Answered
Don’t worry, We called in reinforcements
coachella festival
New Podcast: On Guys’ Festival Style, Bold Moves, and New Suits
Pack your jorts!
how to shoot your shot graphic
New Podcast: on How to Shoot Your Shot, Proposing at Chipotle, and What to Do When the Robots Take Over
"Guac is extra and so is this"
pacey witter bae
LISTEN: New podcast on Un-Sexy Underwear, Simple Style Hacks and SG Madness
Pop in Those AirPods
michael b. jordan and armie hammer
LISTEN: New podcast on finding your spring style “thing” and why breaking up is hard to do
Plus, Megan & Taylor's latest hot takes
style girlfriend podcast
Listen: New Podcast on Making on Effort, Why Banter Matters, and Feeling “Twirly”
Listen up
gucci severed head
Listen: The Olympics are Over, Queer Eye is Back, and Fashion is…Weird
Our latest podcast is live
asos, college style, men's college clothing, regional style
Guys’ College Style: From Coast to Coast
Nail your college look no matter what school you call home
real proposal stories
Real Couples, Real Proposals: What You Can Learn
It’s totally okay to steal a few moves from these couples who did it right
James Allen engagement rings, james allen rings
5 Secrets of a Perfect Proposal
Guys, popping the question is all about making it personal
james allen, the ring size, engagement
When It Comes to The Ring, It’s Not The Size of the Diamond That Counts
We’ve got 5 design tips guaranteed to make any engagement ring more impressive
good conversation, taylors take
Taylor’s Take: How to Have a Good Conversation on a Date
Just like putting together a great outfit, it requires a bit of effort
stantt, stantt shirts, stantt showroom
Shop the Store: Stantt
Semi-custom shirting is the wave of the future, guys.
Shop The Store: Indochino
Made-to-Measure Made Easy
hair care for men
Men's Hair and Hairstyles
The Best Hair Care Tips For Men, According to a Dermatologist
Here’s How to Get The Most From Your Shampoo and Conditioner Routine
adam liebman
Style in Real Life: Adam Liebman
A serial start-up guy on style
and, ask a barber, barber, best, dealing with fine hair, dealing with thin hair, fine, for, hair, hair inspiration, hair stylist, hairstyle, how to, styles, thin, thinning, thinning hair
Men's Hair and Hairstyles
Ask a Barber: Best Styles for Fine and Thinning Hair
Ammon Carver gets into the nitty gritty of those roots
a, ask, ask a barber, barber, best, best shaving tool, face, face shaving, face shaving tool, for, shaving, The, tool, your
Men's Grooming
Ask a Barber: The Best Shaving Tool For Your Face
John Rivera, Master Barber for The Art of Shaving 
What a Woman Wants: Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior
A Q&A with one of Style Girlfriend's Most Stylish Girlfriends
Amy Komorowski, and, ask a barber, facial, facial hair, for, grooming, hair, hair routine, routine, skin, skincare routine, Style Girlfriend, The, weekly, your
Men's Grooming
Ask a Barber: The Weekly Routine for Your Skin and Facial Hair
Find the right product mix for you
SG Picks of the Month for January
my favorite finds in the new year